5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep from a Feng Shui Master

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A feng shui master who hails from North Carolina, Katherine Anne Lewis studied under three grand masters and has had her LA-based global consultancy for more than a decade, specializing in the intersection of feng shui, design, and well-being. Feng shui, Lewis explains, is the 4,000-year-old Chinese art of placement, aimed at creating rooms that impart harmony and balance, and, in turn, health, love, and wealth. “Today feng shui is such a highly regarded practice that nearly all homes, buildings, and gardens in China have been feng shuied,” she says.

Lewis’s clients include LA shopping hub The Grove, which she worked on from inception to finish–”it has more foot traffic than Disneyland”–and our friend Shiva Rose of the Local Rose, an actress and healthy lifestyle blogger, who enlisted Lewis’s help with her furniture arrangements. All manner of restless sleepers and insomniacs have also called upon Lewis for guidance. “Your bedroom ought to be a place you love being in–and not a catchall storage place,” she says. “Regardless of the size and shape of your room, what you see should make you happy.” Toward that end, Lewis explained these five feng shui basic principles for a better night’s rest.

1. Have nothing under your bed.

“Luggage, tax returns, winter clothes. All of it creates blocks that prevent you from feeling grounded (and that also keep your mind busy). For optimal sleep, clear it all out, so that the chi, energy, can flow evenly all night.

“Similarly, keep the piles on your floor to a minimum. Things on the floor are dams; you want the river to be able to move easily. So free your room of stressors, such as laundry that needs folding. And if you’re only using your exercise equipment as a clothes rack, move it out.”

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