5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep from a Feng Shui Master

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5. Banish electronics

“Electronics stimulate the brain. Having them in the bedroom as you’re going to sleep keeps the mind activated. Instead, store your gadgets in another room. But if you have to have your phone with you–for example, you’re a doctor who’s on call–move the port so it isn’t right next to your head. The floor is a better alternative. The same, of course, goes for computers. The eventual goal is to move them out of your bedroom at night for peace of mind and body.

“As for the TV, it, too, should be banished from the bedroom, but a lot of my clients say they’ll do everything but that. I’m OK with that; I want you to be happy in your bedroom. But having artwork and photos on the walls is the calmer way to go: When you open your eyes, you should see something that lifts your spirit rather than dampens it.”

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