6 Surprising Signs of Insomnia May Lead to Causes of Poor Sleep

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6. Fatigue (Not Sleepiness)

Finally, people with insomnia more often experience fatigue. This is different from sleepiness. Fatigue may also be described as feeling tiredness, exhaustion, and low energy. It is deep in the bones and muscles. Conversely, sleepiness or drowsiness is a strong desire to fall asleep: eyelids get heavy, effort is needed to stay awake, and sleep soon ensues. Insomniacs are fatigued, not sleepy. In contrast, people with sleep apnea have excessive daytime sleepiness, easily taking naps and falling asleep swiftly. Fatigue is therefore a common symptom in insomnia and can be useful to differentiate from other sleep complaints.

If you experience some of these symptoms or signs of insomnia, you may want to speak to a sleep specialist. It can be possible to discover potential causes. Fortunately, there are effective treatments available, including sleeping pills and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

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