8 Ways Too Little Sleep Can Mess With Your Face

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5. Your devices keep you up and make you look tired in the a.m.

It’s hard to deny a good Instagram session or reading a book on your tablet before bed, but scrolling through your glowing device before you count sheep is doing more harm to your skin than you think.

“Even if you dim the brightness on your device, you’re still being exposed to blue daylight spectrum light, which is the color of the sun,” Dr. Robbins says. “It’s stimulating and energizing to your system because your circadian rhythm is right behind your eyeball, which reads the blue light and impacts your melatonin levels, keeping you awake.” If you have to look at your phone or iPad at night, Dr. Robbins recommends downloading F. Luxe, which is a free software program that warms up your computer display at night, giving off red light waves instead of blue, which is relaxing and will help you fall asleep easier. In general, avoid technology 90 minutes before you go to bed and install General Electric PM Light Bulbs (these give off a really low amount of blue light, so the light won’t keep you up) in your bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep and great skin.

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